This 3-year project, funded by EURATOM, brings together 10 partners to strengthen SNETP’s position in the European nuclear and non-nuclear research ecosystem. The project aims to ensure nuclear fission remains the EU’s largest, secure, competitive, flexible, and reliable supplier of low-carbon electricity. It also explores alternative nuclear applications, develops cross-cutting technologies, and focuses on key enablers such as high-quality skills and competences, R&D infrastructures, knowledge management, and international cooperation. Funding opportunities will be available for cross-sectorial studies related to nuclear.

Call for Studies


As part of the SNETPFORWARD Project, SNETP is launching a call for studies.

These studies aim to support SNETP and the community in making strategic choices, focusing on three key topics:

These calls are open to all, offering an opportunity to contribute and shape the future of the nuclear sector. Evaluations will be conducted by SNETP’s Scientific and Industrial Committee (SIIC) and external reviewers. The deadline is 15 November 2023 at 17:00 (The call was extended by one month).

Call Booster SME



SNETP Booster

The general objective of this booster is to provide to small entities (SMEs and Startups), members of the association, a tailored support to maximize their chance to participate in EU collaborative projects. While SMEs are key drivers for innovation, they need to be better represented in EU projects consortia!

Application process and overview of the documents

The submission of application starts on 16 June. SNETP Booster call for application will remain open until 27 October 2023.

Applications will be first reviewed by a group of experts to confirm their eligibility to the program. The final selection will be made SNETP Committee for Scientific and Industrial Innovation.

For more information about SNETP Booster contact us at

Latest news

Description of Work and Deliverables


WP1 Reinforcing SNETP GB committees’ operation – EDF
WP2 Strengthening interactions with European & international stakeholders – EDF
WP3 Launching specific studies – NRG
WP4 Boosting innovation within SNETP – ORANO
WP5 Project Management & Communication – EDF

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