SNETP is composed of a General Assembly, a Presidency, a Governing Board, three pillars, a Scientific Committee and a Support Office.

The General Assembly gathers all members and votes on key decisions. Every year, a meeting of the General Assembly is convened as a means to facilitate the widest involvement of SNETP members.

The Presidency is responsible for the high-level representation of the Association and channels the positions of the General Assembly to external stakeholders. The Presidency is composed of a President and a Vice-President.

SNETP is steered and monitored by a Governing Board which is in charge of executing the decisions taken by the General Assembly.

Three pillars (NUGENIA, ESNII & NC2I) and a Scientific Committee carry out the technical work of the Association. The Scientific Committee is composed of at least one representative of each pillar and experts representing different technical domains.

The Support Office is composed of the General Secretariat, an Administrative Secretariat and a Treasurer. The General and Administrative Secretariats are jointly responsible for supporting the day to day management of the Association. The General Secretariat ensures that the association’s activities are consistent with the long-term strategy defined by the General Assembly, whereas the Administrative Secretariat focuses on the administrative management of the Association.

SNETP Presidency

Bernard Salha
Bernard SalhaSNETP President
Chief Technical Officer and R&D Director at EDF in France
Peter Baeten
Peter BaetenSNETP Vice President
Deputy Director General at SKC-CEN in Belgium

SNETP Pillars

Steve Napier
Steve Napier NUGENIA Chair
Senior Strategic Advisor at NIRO in the UK
Roberto Adinolfi
Roberto AdinolfiESNII Chair
Chairman of the Board in Ansaldo Nucleare spa and Ansaldo Nuclear Ltd
Józef Sobolewski
Józef Sobolewski NC2I Chair
Plenipotentiary Director for High Temperature Reactors Development at the National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ) in Poland

SNETP Governing Board (private sector)

Marco Cherubini
Marco Cherubini N.IN.E.
Maria Teresa Dominguez Bautista
Maria Teresa Dominguez Bautista EAI
Christophe Schneidesch
Christophe SchneideschTractebel
Ales Laciok
Ales LaciokCEZ
Bertrand Morel
Bertrand MorelOrano
John William Stairmand
John William Stairmand Jacobs
Jean Dhers
Jean DhersFramatome
Sanjeev Gupta
Sanjeev Gupta Becker Technologies GmbH
Eero Vesaoja
Eero VesaojaFortum

SNETP Governing Board (research)

Leon Cizelj
Leon CizeljJSI
Noel Camarcat
Noel CamarcatEcole des Mines de Paris PSL
Petri Kinnunen
Petri KinnunenVTT
Ferry Roelofs
Ferry RoelofsNRG
Stéphane Sarrade
Stéphane SarradeCEA
Joerg Starflinger
Joerg StarflingerUniversität Stuttgart IKE
Rob Whittleston
Rob WhittlestonNNL
François Barré
François BarréIRSN
Petr Kadecka
Petr KadeckaUJV

SNETP General Secretariat

Abderrahim Al Mazouzi
Abderrahim Al MazouziEDF
Oliver Martin
Oliver MartinJRC
Luis Enrique Herranz
Luis Enrique HerranzCIEMAT
Michael Fütterer
Michael FüttererJRC
Andrei Goicea
Andrei GoiceaNuclearEurope
Pavel Kral
Pavel KralUJV
Aurélie Vogel
Aurélie VogelIRSN
Stéphanie Cornet
Stéphanie CornetCEA
Elisabeth Guillaut
Elisabeth GuillautOrano
Joris Van den Bosch
Joris Van den BoschSCK CEN
Szabolcs Szávai
Szabolcs SzávaiBAY-ENG

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