During the Nuclear Innovation Conference 2024 hosted by NRG|PALLAS in collaboration with the IAEA in Amsterdam this June, a dedicated track on Advanced Reactors tackled the complex challenges of realizing innovative designs for energy production, process heat, and waste reduction. The track showcased 13 presentations accompanied by engaging panel discussions, drawing an attentive audience of 40 to 70 participants daily.

Esteemed speakers from industry, research and development, and international organizations took the stage to delve into these critical topics. The diversity of perspectives provided a comprehensive view of the current advancements and future directions in reactor technology. In addition, numerous interviews were conducted, offering deeper insights into the discussions. We encourage you to explore these interviews for a more detailed understanding. They are all accessible on the NIC 2024 Website.

SNETP actively participated in the conference, presenting the association’s ongoing projects, expertise, and contributions to the field. We invite you to watch the interview conducted with the SNETP General Secretariat. 

Credits: Nuclear Innovation Conference 2024