OFFERR – European User Facility Network


The overarching objective of OFFERR is to support the SNETP Association to establish an operational scheme facilitating access for R&D experts to key nuclear science infrastructures – hereinafter referred to as “User Facilities” – through the channelling of financial grants provided by the Euratom programme. 

The objective of the OFFERR project is to support the SNETP Association in setting up a system for R&D experts to facilitate access to key nuclear research infrastructures all over Europe. Its primary function is to serve as a conduit for financial support from the Euratom programme. This support is allocated by paying and granting access to user institutions that offer services to selected projects through OFFERR calls. Additionally, the project offers assistance to successful research teams who have applied through the calls and will engage in collaboration with the research institution.

To secure funding, it is essential to ensure that your project meets the eligibility criteria provided below. Once verified, you can explore the OFFERR catalogue to identify the facility that aligns with your project’s requirements. Through the OFFERR Call Platform, you can submit your application, selecting the appropriate cut-off date and project type (fast or complex) that you intend to lead.

OFFERR is funded under Horizon Europe / Euratom call and by consequence it applies UE rules and regulations. Regarding participating countries to OFFERR’s call, candidates must comply with EU rules and be included in the list of participating countries in Horizon Europe. Countries that are not listed as member of HE or third countries associated to HE can still participate to OFFERR’s call but won’t be able to receive funds. The project will have to explain in its proposal how the research team/facility will be supported by national funds.

The next cut-off date for project proposals (fast track and complex project) is 30 September 2024.

ATTENTION: Call area 3 “Waste and decommissioing” is now closed for new applications and won’t be funded by OFFERRfrom the 4th cut off date.

All applicants will be informed shortly after about the status of their proposal.

All Call Documents

The OFFERR catalogue represents a significant milestone in the OFFERR project’s progress. Such an achievement is not only the fruit of OFFERR’s work but of the whole European nuclear community brought together by SNETP. More than 180 facilities are listed in this catalogue showing the richness and the diversity of our European research laboratories. Such experimental resources are one of the strengths of the EU.

Prepare the Call for proposal, use the European User Facility Network (EUFN) catalogue to choose the infrastructure(s) you wish to work with in your proposal.

Please complete the form to register your infrastructure for participation in the call. Forms received after 6 September 2023 won’t be taken into account for the 30 September 2024 cut-off date. An infrastructure can be registered only once and no overlap with already funded platform will be considered.

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  • WP1 coordinated by CEA sets up a nuclear infrastructure database & User Facilities Network.
  • WP2 coordinated by SCK CEN launches an open call to facilitate interactions between users and facilities.
  • WP3 coordinated by VTT implements an evaluation monitoring process for applications.
  • WP4 coordinated by JSI develops European and international interactions and training.
  • WP5 coordinated by UJV monitors scientific progress and promotes public project results.
  • WP6 coordinated by EDF coordinates the technical, scientific, legal, financial & administrative aspects & communication activities.
  • WP7 coordinated by LGI facilitates the distribution of financial resources to the User Facilities.
  • D1.1 Definition of the content and format for the Infrastructure Factsheet WP1 CIEMAT (M3, Public)
  • D1.2 SNETP Database of user facilities WP1 CEA (M6, Public)
  • D1.3 Identification of complementarities & best practices between clusters WP1 STUBA (M40, Public)
  • D1.4 Final version of SNETP database of user facilities WP1 CEA (M48, Public)
  • D2.1 OFFERR call text and requirements WP2 SCK CEN (M8, Public)
  • D2.2 OFFERR call text and requirements V2 WP2 SCK CEN (M18, Public)
  • D3.1 Report on non-disclosure, confidentiality and no conflict-of-interest engagements expressed by appointed reviewers WP3 VTT (Confidential)
  • D3.2 Summary of Evaluation Summary Reports corresponding to cut-off dates for period M12- M24 WP3 15 – VTT R — Document, report C-UE/EU-C – 28 (Confidential)
  • D3.3 Summary of Evaluation Summary Reports corresponding to cut-off dates for period M24- M48 WP3 VTT (Confidential)
  • D4.1 Report on achieved synergies with NRT-1-13 project WP4 JSI (M24, Public)
  • D4.2 Report on interactions with relevant collaborative projects WP4 SCK CEN (M48, Public)
  • D4.3 Report on co-programming efforts with EC JRC WP4 LGI (M42, Public)
  • D4.4 Report on established international interactions WP4 UJV (M42, Public)
  • D5.1 Summary report on selected projects and their public outcomes V1 WP5 CIEMAT (M16, Public)
  • D5.2 Scenarios for integration of the OFFERR call service to the SNETP service portfolio WP5 EDF (M47, Public)
  • D5.3 Summary report on selected projects and their public outcomes V2 WP5 CIEMAT (M22, Public)
  • D5.4 Summary report on selected projects and their public outcomes V3 WP5 CIEMAT (M28, Public)
  • D5.5 Summary report on selected projects and their public outcomes V4 WP5 3 – CIEMAT R — Document, report PU – Public 34 (M34, Public)
  • D5.6 Summary report on selected projects and their public outcomes V5 WP5 CIEMAT (M40, Public)
  • D5.7 Summary report on selected projects and their public outcomes V6 WP5 CIEMAT (M44, Public)
  • D6.1 Project Quality Plan WP6 LGI (M3, Public)
  • D6.2 Data management Plan WP6 EDF (M6, Public)
  • D6.3 Communication and Dissemination Plan WP6 LGI (M6, Public)
  • D7.1 Report on facilitating access to infrastructures WP7 LGI (M48, Public)