OFFERR – European User Facility Network



The overarching objective of OFFERR is to support the SNETP Association to establish an operational scheme facilitating access for R&D experts to key nuclear science infrastructures – hereinafter referred to as “User Facilities” – through the channelling of financial grants provided by the Euratom programme.

OFFERR Call announcement

The OFFERR project is launching, on 3 April 2023, a call for proposals. The goal is to facilitate international cooperation in nuclear research between European Union (and EURATOM associate Members) research organizations, universities, companies and their partners through financing trans-national access to key nuclear research infrastructures.

The call is open to project proposals within all disciplines and topics of research, development and innovation that are in line with the strategic research and innovation Agenda (SRIA) of the Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform (SNETP). Project proposals supported by other European associations and organizations acting within EURATOM framework will be also considered.

Find out more about on how to apply for this proposal call below!

Prepare the Call for proposal! Discover the OFFERR Catalogue

This catalogue is one of the first major result of the OFFERR project. Such an achievement is not only the fruit of OFFERR’s work but of the whole European nuclear community brought together by SNETP. More than 180 facilities are listed in this catalogue showing the richness and the diversity of our European research laboratories. Such experimental resources are one of the strengths of the EU.

Prepare the Call for proposal, use the European User Facility Network (EUFN) catalogue to choose the infrastructure(s) you wish to work with in your proposal.

OFFERR in 3 objectives