About NC2I

The European Nuclear Cogeneration Industrial Initiative (NC2I) aims at demonstrating an innovative and competitive energy solution for the low-carbon cogeneration of heat and electricity based on nuclear energy.

The targeted outcome is the commissioning within 10 years of a nuclear cogeneration prototype to deploy this low-carbon energy technology in several energy-intensive industries.


The NC2I Coordination Board is the executive body of NC2I. It consists of representatives from NC2I members.

NC2I Chairman

Józef Sobolewski
Józef SobolewskiPlenipotentiary Director for High Temperature Reactors Development at the National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ) in Poland

NC2I documents

  • NC2I Roadmap (October 2020)
  • NC2I Vision Paper (June 2018) – The European Nuclear Cogeneration Industrial Initiative (NC2I) Vision Paper, prepared by the NC2I Task Force, gives an overview of the pillar’s mission, strategy and expected actions.


You can find all NC2I projects in our SNETP project portfolio.