SNETP is proud to showcase the Italian innovation, skills and competences in its annual Forum 2024 host country thanks to the support and the sponsorship of many Italian partners such as Edison, ENEA, CIRTEN, AIN and many more. Thus, special awards will be awarded to young PhD/master students that have accomplished their degree in an Italian institution (academia, R&D center, Industry) in the nuclear field between 2022 and 2026.

During the gala dinner on April 18th, winners of the Innovation Award will have the unique opportunity to present their pioneering research to a diverse audience comprising industry leaders, research organizations, academia, technical and scientific organizations, SMEs, and non-governmental bodies.

The awards, include:
✔ The Jury Award,
✔ The Peer Award,
✔ SNETP Innovation Award,

These awards aim to spotlight and reward doctoral work focusing on innovative nuclear topics. Applicants are encouraged to submit their proposals by February 26th, encapsulating their research objectives, methodology, challenges, and collaborations, all within a concise two-page document. Selected winners will receive an SNETP diploma signed by key dignitaries but also gain exclusive access to the SNETP Forum, with up to 15 candidates enjoying waived attendance fees.

Faced with the popularity of the SNETP Innovation Award, the deadline for applications has been brought forward to Friday, 29th March. Pass this date , no application will be considered for evaluation.

Download the application form and submit applications to with the subject line “Innovation Award”. Read this document for more information about the price and all the application guidelines.