The INNO4GRAPH project, a trailblazing initiative funded under the Euratom Research and Training Programme and spearheaded by EDF, is ready to unveil its journey of innovation. On October 19, 2023, the project will host its international symposium at the EDF Industrial Demonstrator in Beaumont-en-Véron, France. This symposium marks the culmination of over three years of dedicated work, focusing on the development and demonstration of pioneering physical and digital tools for dismantling graphite-moderated nuclear reactors.

With more than 120 experts in the graphite nuclear sector from across the globe in attendance, the event promises an enriching exchange of knowledge and a close look at the project’s outcomes.

The symposium will unfold in two distinct phases. Initially, it will present an in-depth look at the EDF Industrial Demonstrator and provide insights into dismantling strategies, viewed through the lens of the European Commission and participating countries within the consortium, including France, Spain, Italy, Lithuania, and Japan. Subsequently, the participants will embark on an interactive journey through an exhibition featuring six stands, each spotlighting various aspects of the INNO4GRAPH project. These exhibits will encompass areas like graphite reactor knowledge, remote tool deployment systems, digital simulations, laser cutting feasibility, and invaluable tools for understanding graphite material properties.

Read the press release here or visit the INNO4GRAPH website for more information!