In a groundbreaking development for the European energy landscape, the European Industrial Alliance on Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) has been officially launched early February 2024. This new alliance aims to accelerate the development of safe and low-carbon SMR technologies by the early 2030s, marking a crucial step towards achieving a sustainable and decarbonized future. With collaborative efforts from key stakeholders, the alliance seeks to strengthen the nuclear supply chain, support specific SMR projects, and identify investment opportunities, playing a pivotal role in decarbonizing challenging sectors like transport, chemicals, and steel.

In a keynote speech at the European Investment Bank Group Forum, Maroš Šefčovič, the European Commission Executive Vice-President for the European Green Deal, emphasized the importance of restoring technology neutrality for a sustainable energy future. Acknowledging the role of low-carbon sources, particularly hydrogen, he announced the launch of the European Industrial Alliance on Small Modular Reactors in collaboration with Member States and industry partners. Šefčovič highlighted the potential of SMR technology in decarbonizing the energy sector and enhancing energy security. He encouraged financial institutions, including the European Investment Bank, to join the dialogue and collaborate with the private sector to foster the development of the SMR value chain in Europe.

The alliance’s overarching objective is to position the European Union as a global leader in achieving technological maturity for SMRs, contributing to the EU’s path to climate neutrality by 2050. It holds the potential to decarbonize challenging sectors, create jobs, and stimulate economic growth across the EU. The published communication by the Commission envisions full decarbonization of the energy sector just after 2040, with various zero and low-carbon energy solutions, including nuclear.

Open to both public and private entities meeting the outlined criteria in the Terms of Reference, the alliance invites interested participants to apply until April 12, 2024, by signing the declaration and providing the necessary information. This inclusive approach aims to involve a diverse range of stakeholders in contributing to Europe’s sustainable energy future. You can apply here.

The launch of the European Industrial Alliance on Small Modular Reactors represents a significant milestone in Europe’s journey towards a low-carbon and sustainable energy future. By fostering collaboration among key stakeholders and encouraging innovation in SMR technologies, the alliance positions itself as a crucial player in global efforts to address climate change. As the application process unfolds, the collective efforts of public and private entities are poised to shape the trajectory of Europe’s leadership in this emerging and transformative field.

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