In the ever-evolving search for a sustainable energy future, the European Small Modular Reactor (SMR) Pre-Partnership has been hard at work, meticulously charting the course towards a European SMR Partnership. Since its inception in late 2021, this initiative has seen the intensive efforts of five dedicated workstreams, each addressing various crucial aspects of the project.

The journey commenced with the endorsement of a “vision paper” in June 2021, igniting the spark of the European SMR Partnership. This ambitious venture took concrete form with the launch of the pre-Partnership phase in early 2022. Over the course of its development, insights have been gleaned from a diverse array of sectors, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive approach. To maintain transparency and foster collaboration, draft reports were made accessible to stakeholders for their valuable feedback, solicited until September 29, 2023.

Now, as we approach a pivotal moment in this endeavor, we extend an invitation to stakeholders from all corners to join us at the Stakeholders’ Forum on October 26, 2023. This forum will tackle paramount challenges, ranging from equitable cost and risk-sharing to the enhancement of regulatory cooperation, meticulous evaluation of supply chain capacity, and optimization of research and development endeavors.

Please note that the event can be attended both in-person at the European Commission premises (Charlemagne building) and online. However, given the limited space available in the room, in person participation is limited (max. 100 persons), by invitation and subject to approval of the organisers. Therefore, we advise against making any travel arrangements before your participation is officially confirmed (no later than 13 October). Confirmed in-person participants will receive more details regarding the event venue closer to the date. For the online participants, the link to the streaming platform will be provided ahead of the meeting.

You can register for this event here using the following password: esppsf2610