In January 2022, the draft of the complementary Delegated Act (CDA) of the EU Taxonomy Regulation that the European Commission sent to Member States Experts Group on Sustainable Finance and the Platform on Sustainable Finance for consultation was leaked. This draft document recognised nuclear energy as a main contributor to the decarbonisation of the EU’s economy.

SNETP welcomes the upcoming decision of the European Commission to include nuclear technology in the sustainable finance taxonomy and considers very positive the inclusion of several references to the Joint Research Centre’s report, such as the following: “nuclear energy can make a substantial contribution to the climate change mitigation objective and meanwhile does not do significant harm to the other four environmental objectives of the Taxonomy Regulation provided that it meets the proposed technical screening criteria”.

However, SNETP considers that the draft CDA needs further clarification in relation to R&D activities, in particular in aspects such as waste management, nuclear fuel activities, available technologies, and accident tolerant fuel, among others. These are expressed in the SNETP position paper communicated to the European Commission.

Download SNETP’s position here.