The Nuclear Generation II & III Alliance (NUGENIA), one of SNETP’s three pillars, has published its Vision paper. This document aims to stress the need for strong international collaboration and financial support from the private and public sectors to ensure safe and efficient production of low carbon energy.

NUGENIA is dedicated to the research and development of nuclear fission technologies, with a focus on Gen II & III nuclear plants. It gathers international stakeholders from industry, research, safety organisations, SMEs and academia, and provides scientific and technical basis to the community by initiating and supporting international R&D projects and programmes. The activities of NUGENIA are carried out in eight different technical areas:

  1. Plant Safety and Risk Assessment
  2. Severe Accidents
  3. Improved Reactor Operation
  4. Integrity of Systems, Structures and Components
  5. Waste & Spent Fuel Management and Decommissioning
  6. Innovative LWR Design & Technology
  7. Fuel Development and Spent Fuel Management
  8. ENIQ – In-Service Inspection and Qualification

To find out more about NUGENIA, visit this page.