The SNETP Forum 2024, hosted in Rome’s historic center, gathered over 275 participants and 110 speakers from 26 countries to shape the future of nuclear energy in Europe over three impactful days.

Key Highlights

The Forum set its focus on the prospects of nuclear energy in Europe aiming towards achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. Stefano Monti, President of the Associazione Italiana Nucleare & European Nuclear Society, underscored Italy’s renewed commitment to nuclear energy. Italy’s strategy encompasses R&D, regulatory functions, public awareness, and international cooperation, with an objective to bolster Europe’s nuclear renaissance.

Bernard Salha, President of SNETP, emphasized the formation of the SMR Industrial Alliance, of which SNETP is a key player, as a significant stride in advancing nuclear technologies across Europe. This alliance has garnered interest from over 300 applicants across several countries, aiming to accelerate SMR projects by the early 2030s. Collaboration, innovation, and skill development are at the forefront of this initiative, aligning with Europe’s clean energy objectives.

European Partnerships and Collaboration

Both, Stefano Monti and Bernard Salha, emphasized the importance of European partnerships in strengthening nuclear research and industry capabilities. International collaborations were highlighted as crucial for propelling innovations in the European nuclear sector and achieving common environmental goals across borders.

SNETP Labelled Poster Exhibition

The SNETP Labelled Poster Exhibition was a standout feature of the Forum, spotlighting several Euratom projects at the forefront of nuclear innovation. Projects such as Amhyco, Assas, Gemini 4.0, GO-VIKING, Harpers, iWeld, Metis, MIMOSA, MUSA, NPHyCo, OFFERR, OperaHPC, PuMMA, SASPAM-SA, SEAKNOT and Tandem were prominently displayed. These projects tackled pressing issues from plant safety, risk assessment, and severe accident prevention to improved nuclear power plant operation. The exhibition also showcased advancements in waste management, decommissioning, and circular economy strategies, along with innovations in Light Water Reactor (LWR) design & technology and Small Modular Reactor (SMR) technology.

Additionally, the SNETP team had the opportunity to meet and interview several project coordinators during the event. These insightful interviews will be released soon, continuing the dialogue and building on the momentum generated at the Forum to further advance nuclear research and development.

Programme Highlights

The Forum’s agenda was packed with engaging sessions and discussions:

Day 1 began with a panel discussion on the Italian nuclear landscape, featuring esteemed speakers such as Minister Marco Pichetto Fratin and industry leaders from ENEA, Ansaldo Nucleare, and Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico – RSE SpA. Technical sessions covered topics like business strategies for SMRs and developments in new NPPs.

Day 2 saw panel sessions focusing on how nuclear can contribute to decarbonization efficiently. The day’s technical sessions delved into digitalization, market demand for non-electric energy products, and business strategies for SMRs, among others.

The final Day explored the future of nuclear with sessions on the Fuel Cycle and SNETP Stakeholders. Notably, an agreement between SNETP and the European Nuclear Society (ENS) was signed, marking a new era of collaboration in nuclear research and education.

Innovation and Acknowledgment: Empowering the Next Generation of Experts

The Forum honored emerging talents with the SNETP Innovation Award & I4N Italy Competition. Riccardo Chebac received the Jury Award, Aurora Pizzinat was honored with the Peer Award, Salvatore Cancemi was celebrated with the SNETP Innovation Award, and Paolo Di Biagio won the I4N Italy Competition. These awards recognize their outstanding contributions to nuclear research, inspiring the next generation of experts to innovate in the field.

Celebrating Our Partners: A Deep Appreciation for Our Sponsors

Following the success of the SNETP Forum 2024, we are delighted to express our heartfelt thanks to our dedicated sponsors. Special thanks go to ENEA and Edison, our platinum sponsors, for their unwavering support and to ENEA for the magnificent gala dinner. We are also grateful to Ansaldo Nucleare, EDF DIPNN, SIMIC, CIRTEN, Walter Tosto WTB, FOMAS Group and newcleo, our Gold Sponsors, for their vital contributions. Our thanks also go to CAEN SpA, our silver sponsor. Their collaborative spirit was key to the success of the Forum, and we look forward to the future progress we will make together in advancing nuclear science and technology. Thank you for being an integral part of this journey!

Fostering Momentum for Nuclear Innovation & European Collaboration

The SNETP Forum 2024 was a resounding success, with insightful discussions, groundbreaking discoveries, and strong participation from 26 countries showcasing a collective commitment to advancing nuclear science. The signing of the agreement between SNETP and ENS marks a promising future for nuclear research in Europe. As we move forward, let’s harness this momentum to inspire change, push boundaries, and contribute to shaping a cleaner, more sustainable future through nuclear innovation. Stay connected for updates on upcoming events and initiatives.


A big thank you to the SNETP secretary, SNETP governing board, the co-organiser Associazione Italiana Nucleare, SNETP President Bernard Salha, AIN President Stefano Monti, all our great moderators and high-level speakers, and especially to all participants for their invaluable contributions. A big thank you also to the on-site organization team for the smooth organisation and again to our sponsors for the valuable support.

SNETP Forum Material

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Members can access the presentations via the SNETP members’ space. The proceedings of the event will be published on our website shortly.