SNETP would like to thank all the participants of this year’s SNETP Forum. Taking place last week from 15-17 May, the event was a resounding success, bringing together over 200 participants. With an impressive lineup of 22 speakers and an engaging poster exhibition featuring 30 SNETP Labelled Euratom projects, the Forum served as a dynamic platform for exploring not only the current state of the nuclear sector but also highlighting the Swedish nuclear strategy, the industry’s central role in the fight against climate change within the EU community, the importance of empowering young talent and the new role of start-ups and SMEs.

A Diverse and Dynamic Gathering
The SNETP FORUM 2023 attracted professionals, experts and stakeholders from the European nuclear industry, creating a melting pot of knowledge, insights, and perspectives. Representatives from 22 countries came together to exchange ideas on various topics, including advanced technologies such as SMR-AMR, LTO and waste management, as well as application-related topics such as hydrogen energy and non-electric applications. The event served as a catalyst for collaboration, fostering an environment where ideas were exchanged, partnerships were forged, and networks were expanded.

Publication of Proceedings
To further extend the impact and accessibility of the Forum, the proceedings will be made available soon. This valuable resource will enable participants to revisit the insightful discussions and findings from the event. It will also serve as a reference for the wider community, ensuring that the knowledge and outcomes generated at the Forum continue to contribute to the advancement of the nuclear industry.

The success of the SNETP FORUM 2023 is a confirmation of the collective enthusiasm, expertise, and dedication of all participants. We express our sincere gratitude to everyone who contributed to this remarkable event and invite you to take a look at the photo gallery of the event. As we await the publication of the proceedings, we encourage you to stay connected and continue the valuable exchanges initiated at the Forum. Together, we can shape a thriving nuclear industry that meets the challenges and opportunities of the century in a path towards a decarbonized Europe.

Discover the highlights of the SNETP Forum 2023 in our photo gallery.