The Task Force on the SNETP-SRIA update chaired by F. Roelofs (NRG) in close collaboration with NUGENIA, ESNII anf NC2I has been working for more than a year to consolidate a new version of the association strategic agenda. This shall replace the last one published back in 2013 taking into account the evolution of the platform towards a legal association and also the scientific and technical challenges facing each of its pillar and the nuclear fission field in general.

For the seek of transparency, all SNETP members (including all its pillars) are kindly asked to provide comments/amendments on the document until 29 February.The consolidated document will be subject to endorsement by the SNETP general assembly during its meeting on 26 March 2020. The intention is to have the SRIA finalized and published by the next SNETP FORUM 2020.

Please send your remarks and/or modifications to the SNETP secretariat at your earliest convenience but before the deadline of 29 February.