Innovation is the key driver of TA 6 to address technologies that aim to support the competitiveness of LWR, including enhanced safety. Current operating nuclear power plants and advanced LWR concepts, such as small modular reactors (SMRs), define the overall R&D programme of TA6. In the same way, LWR integration into the energy mix will raise new potential requirements for the development of innovative technologies.

The development of new materials, manufacturing and assembly technologies will result in the fabrication of high reliable components for long-term use. These will be applied for replacement of components in existing LWRs and for the fabrication of new components in advanced LWR concepts.

Inherent safety features and passive safety system should be continuously assessed, improved and implemented to the reasonable possible extend. This is a first step towards increasing public acceptance. Other rationale behind nuclear energy acceptance by the public, notably for new build, will be addressed in TA6.

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TA leader:

Eric Hanus (CEA)


Sub-area title SA Leader Organisation Email
6.1 Innovative Technology for Reactor Component Jean Dhers Framatome
6.2 Innovative LWR Concepts Oliver Martin JRC
6.3 Key Success Factors for Innovative LWR Gilles Mathonnière CEA – Itésée
6.4 Public Acceptance Drivers for New Builds Colette Grundy NNL