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METIS addresses the 3 ingredients of seismic safety assessment in an overall approach: seismic hazard; structural and equipment fragility analyses; integration in the full PSA framework to determine plant failure probabilities and comparison to pertinent safety criteria.


ORIENT-NM seeks to explore the possibility and critically assess the added value of establishing a Co-Funded European Partnership (CEP) to support the development of a coordinated pan-European research and innovation programme on nuclear materials, positively impacting Europe’s competitiveness in the nuclear field at world scale.


The project mainly aims at consolidating assessments of the radiological consequences (RC) of explicit DBA and DEC-A reactor accidental situations through updated calculation schemes and harmonized methodologies from which some rationales for EP&R action optimisation will be derived.


The overall aim of sCO2-4-NPP is to contribute to an increased safety of Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) in case of accidents by further specifying, designing and validating the sCO2-based heat removal system developed in the previous sCO2-HeRo project on a NPP and preparing the necessary roadmaps to bring it closer to industrial use.


Validate the laser cutting technology for the dismantling of the most challenging components of power nuclear reactors in air and underwater. Demonstrate that the in-air and underwater laser cutting technologies are a relevant alternative to the conventional techniques used for the segmentation of the power nuclear reactors internals (RVI) and pressure vessels (RPV).


The global objective of the SafeG project is to further develop the GFR technology and strengthen its safety. The project shall support the development of nuclear low-CO2 electricity and industrial process heat generation technology.