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The seminar course provides a transfer of experience and know-how from recognised experts from different organisations (industrial experts, regulators, researchers and university professors) in the fields of Best-Estimate Plus Uncertainty approach including uncertainty methodologies and application in licensing framework, Scaling Analysis, Validation Process of Evaluation Models, development and applications of Multi-physics & Multi-scale tools.

SUNBEAM will address the following subjects for a total of about 70 hours of lecturing:

  • Licensing Framework and Best Estimate Plus Uncertainty
  • Best Estimate System Thermal-Hydraulic Codes and V&V
  • Scaling Issue and Scaling Analysis
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Uncertainty Analysis
  • Procedures for a Consistent Application of a BEPU Method in Licensing
  • BEPU Applications in Safety Analysis and Licensing Framework
  • Reactor Physics and Fuel Performance Experiments and Uncertainty Analysis
  • Multi-Physics Multi-Scale Simulations and BEPU

Finally, the seminar course contributes to maintaining and increasing technical competence and to ensuring the sustainable development of nuclear technology and is open to universities, vendors, national laboratories and regulatory bodies. At least two years’ experience in the field of deterministic safety analysis is needed to participate in the course. A certificate of attendance is released.

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