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The APAL project will hold a workshop on “Procedures currently applied to the integrity assessment of RPVs subjected to PTS loading” on 30 and 31 March 2022 in Villigen, Switzerland.

In this event experts will give an overview on the procedures currently applied to the integrity assessment of Reactor Pressure Vessels (RPVs) subjected to Pressurized Thermal Shock (PTS) loading. Current state-of-the-art for Long Term Operation (LTO) improvements will be presented (results from Work Package One (WP1) of Advanced PTS Analysis for LTO (APAL) project https://www.apal-project.eu/). The attendees will get familiar with ordinary software tools and methods (deterministic and probabilistic) used for thermal hydraulics and fracture mechanics calculations. The attendees will understand the different steps of PTS assessment and their technical background. The basics of probabilistic, thermal hydraulics, system behavior and fracture mechanics will be taught in comprehensive lessons.

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