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The 2021 edition of the NUGENIA Technical Area 2 Course on Severe Accident Phenomenology will take place from 25-29 October 2021. This edition is a sequel to the previous Cadarache 2019 and Ljubljana 2017 NUGENIA/TA2 SAP Courses. The course is jointly co-organised by ENEA and the University of Pisa in the NUGENIA TA2 – Severe Accidents framework and hosted at the ENEA Research Centre in Bologna (Italy).

The SAP courses are focused on disseminating the knowledge gained on severe accidents in the last two decades to Masters-PhD students, young engineers and researchers involved in severe accidents.

More information on the course, its content and registration modalities will be made available soon. The planning and the modalities of the course could be subject to changes according to the evolution of the epidemiological conditions and in compliance with the requirements of the competent national authorities.

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