The 2023 SNETP FORUM will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden, hosted by Chalmers University of Technology. You will find more information about all technical sessions and registration on the Forum website.

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The SNETP Association is organising a new edition of the SNETP Forum which will be held from 15 to17 May 2023. The aim of the event will be to discuss and analyse recent technological innovations in the field of SMRs, AMR and advanced nuclear, safety, waste management & recycling, non-electricity applications, LTO and improved NPP operation, fuel elements and hybridisation, to enable the nuclear sector to play its role in the mitigation of climate change and to contribute to climate neutrality.

The technical programme has been designed by the SNETP Scientific and Industrial Innovation Committee (SIIC) as to cover major topics of interest to the stakeholders of SNETP.

Host city 2023 will be Gothenburg

Taking place at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, the event aims to underpin the issues of interest to the European community and ultimately lead to priorities for R&D&I and harmonisation of best practices across EU countries and beyond. Methodologies will be be shared between LWR, Gen IV and ADS development for reinforcing innovation in nuclear technologies.

Technical Sessions

Discover the full event’s programme with all technical sessions (the programme may be updated)

  • TS1: SMRs; AMR & Advanced nuclear systems
  • TS2: Safety Research & LTO
  • TS3: Waste management & recycling
  • TS4: Fuel elements & core design
  • TS5: Non-electricity applications from end-user perspective

Fore more information about the technical sessions, have a look at the Forum Scope!

Registration is open until 5 May, please do so here