SNETP has published the proceedings of the 2021 FORUM that gathered over 630 participants to discuss innovation R&D in civil nuclear fission.
The SNETP FORUM 2021 consisted of a plenary session in which SNETP’s strategy and the vision of its three pillars were presented, followed by a panel discussion to exchange views on the resilience of the nuclear sector. The online event also hosted 8 technical sessions:
  • Technical session 1 – Long-term operation & construction
  • Technical session 2 – SMRs
  • Technical session 3 – Fuel development and fuel cycle efficiency
  • Technical session 4 – Innovative and perspective materials solutions
  • Technical session 5 – Energy systems, new applications, economy and licensing
  • Technical session 6 – Decommissioning and waste treatment
  • Technical session 7 – Advanced reactor systems
  • Technical session 8 – Digitalisation, modelling and simulation
For each technical session that took place during the FORUM, the Proceedings document presents the scope, a summary of the discussions and a list of emerging project ideas. The report also gives an overview of the topics addressed during the plenary session.
We hope the SNETP FORUM 2021 Proceedings will help the SNETP community launch new project ideas and keep innovating in the nuclear energy field.