Technical area 5 covers the development of nuclear fuel for existing, advanced and innovative core designs, aspects of fuel use in reactors and the fuel management steps – manipulation, transport and interim wet and dry storage. It includes factors that relate to the generation and management of radioactive waste, and the dismantling & decommissioning of nuclear power plants, as well as safety issues.

TA5 has links mainly with the TA3 in parts of core optimisation and chemistry and to a lesser extent with TA6 regarding fuels for innovative LWRs and with TA1 for NPP safety and risk, including criticality. TA5 has an important interface with TA2, which deals with severe accident, while TA5 covers normal and off normal behaviour, exclusive of major core degradation.

Outside of the scope of TA5 is radioactive waste disposal since IGD-TP is in charge of the research agenda and deployment plan for this topic.

The scope also takes account of emerging lessons from the Fukushima accident and proposes research, development and innovation to improve the safety and resilience of the existing and new build LWR reactor fleet.

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TA leader:

Anthony Banford (NNL)


Sub-area title SA Leader Organisation Email
5.1 Waste Management Anthony Banford NNL
5.2 Dismantling and Decommissioning Erika Holt VTT