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The AFCEN International Congress 2021 “40 years of experience to prepare the future of nuclear power” will take place on 23 & 24 March 2021 in a virtual format. The following topics will be covered:

  • The role of AFCEN codes in support to the French nuclear fleet with EDF/DPN/UNIE director, Jean-Christophe Huchard
  • The role of AFCEN codes in the Nuclear New build projects: the EPR2 project with Gabriel Oblin, Project Director and EPR UK projects with Catherine Back, Engineering Director
  • The international prospects for new nuclear power with Vakis Ramany, Development New Nuclear Projects Director
  • Building trust with the French Nuclear Regulator ASN, Corinne Silvestri, ASN/DEP Director
  • AFCEN and Excell program under the leadership of Alain Tranzer, EDF COMEX member
  • Technical sessions coordinated by AFCEN experts to share the latest developments in all AFCEN codes

For more information about the program and registration, please visit this website.

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