The SNETP work is implemented through 9 committees formed by representatives of the SNETP Governing Board and the Secretariat.
Below you will find the list of SNETP committees along with their objectives.
  • Scientific Committee – Promoting scientific excellence
    • Agree on, implement and promote common R&I priorities within the SNETP community representing the three pillars and strengthen EU expertise and excellence.
  • Innovation Committee – Boosting innovation
    • Facilitate industrial driven and intersectoral innovation (digital, robotics, materials, etc.) in nuclear for current and new applications (non-power, hydrogen, etc).
  • European Affairs Committee – Representing nuclear fission R&D in European affairs
    • Promote SNETP expertise and research priorities towards European institutions.
  • International Organisations Committee – Strengthening international relations
    • Promote SNETP expertise and research priorities towards international nuclear institutions (IAEA, OECD/NEA, GIF, etc).
  • Industry Committee – Providing solutions to industry
    • Foster industrial driven research addressing the needs of SNETP industrial members in particular regarding safety, supply chain, licensing and cost competitiveness.
  • Regulatory Committee – Cooperating closely with regulators
    • Reinforce cooperation between SNETP and the different regulatory and standardization bodies.
  • R&D Infrastructure Owners/Managers Committee – Supporting R&D infrastructures
    • Support projects and initiatives aiming at maintaining/refurbishing/building the needed infrastructure to perform R&D&I in the nuclear field.
  • EU Associations Committee – Sharing experience with European associations
    • Fostering & coordinating interactions with European associations in the field of nuclear, and any other¬†sector with potential mutual interests with nuclear.
  • Civil Society Committee – Engaging with civil society
    • Engage with civil society and non-nuclear stakeholders to rationalize the debate on the European energy mix and enhance the acceptability of nuclear.

SNETP members can access the list of SNETP Committees governance members via this link.